Export 'A', a Super Premium brand with an authentic format and distinctive flavor, needed a refresh that would set it apart from the competition.

Led a phased rejuvenation project from research to strategy to execution. Curated the brand's visual and verbal strategy, often writing copy for consumer and trade materials. Ran workshops and leveraged research findings to refine brand positioning, streamline communications, and identify new ways to reach the target audience. Developed an experiential activation program and revised distribution strategy in order to boost awareness and increase sales.

With the new platform established, Export 'A' increased brand awareness, grew in its key markets, and embarked on an expansion to new territories.

If everybody had the same tastes, life would be so boring. That's why we craft our cigarettes with a pure Bright Leaf Blend you won't find elsewhere. It's why we don't need to add any flavors. And since we tend to stand apart, EXA is only available in its authentic slide & shell pack.

Today's tastemakers know that it's good to be different. We certainly do. We've been doing it since 1928.

Off Beat. Bright Leaf.

Be Different.